Red Moonlight (orig. Rdeča mesečina)

Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 2008

A crime story veiled by tender moonlight. A nostalgic story shot through with dangerous doses of political thriller.

A cynical advertising expert’s life is shattered when he finds out about the death of his long-lost friend. After 20 years the protagonist returns to the town where he grew up and begins to dig under the surface. Two realities suddenly blend: the time before the dawn of socialism and the Slovenian post-transitional reality as part of European Union.

How do you find truth in a town where every one knows each other? Where behind every open door lies another – closed & sealed? Where the past lurks everywhere? Blurred traces ... Blood on the tracks ... A body that no one misses. No, this is not America – welcome to Slovenia.


  • “Complex plot, suspense, grotesque humour in the right places, and emotions in others, all make it a very readable book.” (Večer, 2009)
  • “Soon nothing is as it seems. An ambitious transitional crime drama that could easily be a true story.” (Bukla, 2009)
  • “At the end, the reader will – I am sure of it – make a halt for a moment, reflect on it ... and become aware of the present day.” (Delo, 2009)
  • “The body works as a symptom ... A skilfully written transitional crime story ...” (Mladina, 2008)



Available are four translated fragments from the book. Translator: Tamara M. Soban. 

  • Fragment One: The Decision 

The protagonist, Ivo, makes a decision to stay in the city

  • Fragment Two: Enter the Tower
  • Fragment Three: Under Surveillance

Does he know something he shouldn’t?

  • Fragment Four: Tracks of the Past

Tracking down a respectable businessman through the night brings Ivo to the edge of town ... To the place where 20 years ago something strange happened.


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Title Red Moonlight (orig. Rdeča mesečina) 
Language Slovenian
Publisher Cankarjeva založba, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana
Editor Zdravko Duša
Year  2008
Pages 344
Binding hard-cover
ISBN 978-961-231-626-6
Cobiss.SI-ID 240317696



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